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Ahh April Ludgate on a riding mower in Nordstrom is my patronus.

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There was mud and I slipped in it. In my wild, and successful, attempts to not fall down, I somehow dragged my foot across the pavement. It took a chunk out of my toe haha

I’m trying to picture this happening without laughing. Sorry, I have failed.

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yeah, except for destroying my toe while trying to walk. I am awful at life sometimes

how did you manage to do that?? Did you trip? stub your toe? I mean “just while walking” doesn’t seem to be an adequate explanation, unless you really do suck that much (which I doubt!! because your gifs that work are awesome which means you=awesome)

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Congrats on your everything.

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why did I think that would work. my computer can’t figure out gifs at all. It makes me a sad panda

I’d be more destructive panda than sad panda about your gif situation if I were you (we’re calling it the “gif situation” now because I think you’ve sent me more than 15 broken gifs. And being angry is totally more productive.)

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guys are so lame

Well, it seems I’m forever cursed when it comes to dating, to be honest. Every guy I’ve dated in the past 6 months or so has been a huge douche or just plain crazy.

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Where is the dog Edward … WHERE IS THE DOG?!?!

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If you make a trip to Louisville let me know. My roommate (6’10”) and I (6’5”) might be able to show you around some

Awesome! My cousin is pretty spontaneous so if we do go, it will be decided like the night before :P

And I love that you included heights. This is obviously very important info. If I want anyone showing me around Louisville, it’s a bunch of very tall dudes. 

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Does this mean our gif war must end now?

Nooo the gif war can never end!!

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I just did one … and I kinda regret it now :(

but why do you regret it?? post it!! want to hear your accent!

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Whenever I hear that you’re from Nashville, I can’t help but think of the Frank Turner song called ‘Nashville Tennessee’, it’s awesome ;)

haha I’ve never heard it, so I just googled it. good song, thanks!

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Aww I was doing so well